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Home Buying Tips for Buying Homes the Twin Cities

Tips for Experienced & First Time Home Buyers


First and foremost…anyone who tells you that buying a home was a nightmare and a stressful process just had the wrong real estate representation. We have decades worth of experience handling all sorts of situations, issues and financing concerns so we are able to give you confidence through education and our ability to see problems before they happen because of closing over 4,000 homes like yours.


Finding the perfect property is just one way I can help you with your real estate purchase. As a real estate agent, I have ongoing access to experts in every related field from lending to relocation. I believe in client education throughout every step of the buying process. When you buy a home with me, you can rest assured that you’ll know what is happening every step of the way.


In the areas you are looking to purchase a home in  I can provide you with detailed information about pricing, appreciation, schools, drive times, amenities and shopping. I have a clear understanding of the local market, and an excellent inventory of homes. I also have full access to our Multiple Listing Service (MLS) so you can shop online from the comfort of your own home using an up to date, accurate, and private web portal. Make a list of the homes you want to see, and we’ll tour them together.


The home buying process may seem complex, but I’ll make it easy for you. I will help you:

  • Hire a real estate professional
  • Create a list together of needs and wants
  • Apply for pre-approval to determine price range
  • Determine loan program
  • Active property watch for daily updates
  • Discuss homes we would like to see and start looking
  • Find your dream home
  • Create an offer together
  • Negotiate until the deal is just right
  • Schedule and conduct home inspection
  • Address inspection concerns
  • Do title search and proceed with financing
  • Appraisal completed
  • Schedule closing date and time
  • Visit home to review completion of inspection items
  • Full loan approval
  • Pack your boxes!
  • Final walk-through, relax and enjoy your closing
  • Move in!


Buyer tips

Don’t do it alone.

Your home is likely to represent one of the largest investments in your life. In order to make sure the transaction goes smoothly it is important that you choose the right agent to represent your interests. The right agent will be someone whose experience and personality makes you comfortable. You should try to find an agent that is familiar and knowledgeable about the area you plan on moving to.


Get pre-approved.

Get pre-approved in the very start of the process. I can suggest lenders and programs that can best fit your needs. There is nothing more frustrating than looking for a home, finding the perfect home, then discovering it is out of your price range. There are even loan programs available that charge no lender fees making it more affordable in many cases to buy a home.


Avoid major purchases.

When determining the amount of home you can afford, a lender will use your debt-to-income ratio to determine the percentage of your pre-tax income you spend on debt. Your debt ratio will include: monthly housing costs, car payments, credit cards, student loans, and any other installment debt. If you take on more debt before buying a home it will have an impact on the amount of the loan that the lender will finance, which could impact your ability to buy the home you’ve chosen.


Sign up for Property Watch.

In order to make an educated decision you need to know what type of homes are available, and how much they are going for. Once we determine price range and your wants and needs you can browse all the active listings from my website. Once you have found some homes you like, save those searches and sign up for property watch so new listings will be emailed to you. The best homes move fast so I’ll make sure you’re on top of the available inventory so you do not miss out.


Ask Questions.

I view myself as an “information broker” by providing you with good information so you can make a good home buying decisions.


Get the home professionally inspected.

A complete home inspection not only gives you a clear picture of the home you are buying, it also shows you how to maintain it and what future costs you my have. The inspection may include a radon and sewer test…those are inspection add-ons. Choose an experienced inspector from a reputable company.